Structure Dictates Function

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We are bridging the gap between structure and function in regards to your health. What that means is that we focus first and foremost on the physical structure of your body. That is step one. The foundation.  From then on, we can look deeper into fine tuning the function of your body, but that must be our starting point.

When we talk about the structure, we are talking more specifically about the muscles and joints of your body. When they are lined up and moving well, your body and brain both function better.

Here at Motus Chiropractic, we strive to be excellent at finding and fixing movement problems; thereby correcting the structure of your body. Motus is a Latin word that simply means motion. That name was chosen as the name of our clinic because science has recently shown how truly vital healthy bodily motion is for your brain as well as your overall health.

When the structure of your body is sound and solid, then you begin to function better and heal appropriately. Structure dictates function from a neurological perspective; therefore, we fully address both when treating you.

You'll notice that we use a lot of techniques here, however all of them have one primary goal in mind.  That is to improve brain function which we know will lead to a higher quality of life for you; regardless of what you are facing.

The most efficient way that we are able to impact brain health is through correcting joint motion in your body.

Thinking back to the concept that structure dictates function, the muscles and joints in your body provide communication signals to your brain, and your brain is then able to react and adapt as needed.  With that in mind, the exact opposite is also true.  When joints and tissues stop to move the way they are designed to, then your brain gets fewer signals and it is left in the dark, so to speak.

That's why our treatments will always start with correcting structure and movement problems first.   That's step one.  From there, there are a million pathways we can go down if needed, but correcting the way your muscles and joints move during your daily life is our first priority.

The Motus Chiropractic Team

Dr. Jeremy Maass DC, ATC

Owner, Clinic Director

Yes, that picture was from my wedding day.  It's the highest quality photo that I have, and it was a very special day for me so I figured it would serve these purposes just fine.

I am originally from Okarche, Oklahoma, born and raised there until I went off to college at Oklahoma State University to become an Athletic Trainer (with that said however, I was born and bred a Sooner and nothing will ever change that).

I wanted to go become an athletic trainer after suffering a couple knee injuries of my own.  I have torn my ACL 3 times now, all of which were non-contact injuries, meaning I didn't get hit, they just ruptured while running and cutting.  This means that I most likely had some pretty substantial imbalances that predisposed me to these injuries that, if they would have been treated appropriately, maybe I would not have ever gotten injured at all.  That became my goal.  To find and fix problems before they are problems. 

Fast forward into my athletic training career and I soon realized that there were certain things that I wasn't allowed to do as an athletic trainer, and a whole lot more that I had to learn about the human body, so I enrolled in chiropractic college in Kansas City.

I quickly became fascinated by a new world that I was learning about, one that revolved around the brain and nervous system.  All of a sudden everything started to make so much sense.  All of the difficult cases that don't typically respond to treatment are most likely due to the fact that nobody ever looked deep enough! If you chase any problem back far enough, you will eventually work yourself back to the brain.  Therefore, if you are not analyzing brain function, you're simply not doing thorough job.

With that said, if I am going to truly take care of you, we have to look at everything.  Your body is not a bunch of different pieces that function individually. Your body consists of several, beautifully interconnected, systems that rely on one another to function as a unit.  In order to get one part of you healthy, we have to look at the whole.

If you decide to trust me enough to entrust me with your health, then I promise you I will do just that.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic, DC
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, ATC
  • Fellow of the Acupuncture Society of America, FASA
  • Certified Postural Neurologist
  • Pursuing a Diplomate in Functional Neurology

Venicia Maass RN, BSN

Clinic Manager

She's a nurse, she's awesome, and she's my wife. Enough said.

Still want to know more?

We'd love to share our whole life story, but the reality is that we would run out of room, and you would run out of attention span and stop reading before you made it through it anyways. But if you want to know anything more, we'd love to talk with you individually! Just give us a call or stop by.