Hey everyone, I wanted to take a few minutes and share our #1 secret to a healthy diet. I mean, really, am I going to eat a different salad for every meal of the day? No. Not even close. I like food. I like yummy food! So how then do I plan to get all my necessary nutrients in each day?


Smoothies! We make a smoothie almost every morning. I love smoothies because I can throw in all the stuff I don’t particularly like to eat a lot of, and still add in enough fruit and other flavors to be able to enjoy it and switch up the taste so I don’t get too bored with them. It works out perfectly!


A few tips I’ve learned along the way…first of all, freeze the kale/collard greens/spinach. Freezing the greens helps to take away a lot of the taste I don’t want in my smoothie, not to mention it isn’t going to go bad three days after you open the bag. Second, purchase a nice blender! I don’t care which blender you purchase, I don’t care how much it costs, just get a nice one that is going to cut through all that kale you’re gonna be throwing in there. On that note, an extra tip would be to put it all the greens in first and blend them up separately, as it will help to blend them into smaller pieces. Lastly, Use frozen fruit, or really anything frozen, that way you can use less ice and there will be more nutrients per cup.


So what exactly do we put in our smoothies? Well, depends on the day. But we do have several staples and then we switch it up with whatever extras we want to put in. That way we don’t get bored.


  • Leafy Greens: We always use frozen kale and collard greens (when did I eat collard green before? Never. Ever.). Kale is a fantastic addition to almost any diet, super high in nutritional value. We don’t really use spinach in the smoothies because we eat it in our salads regularly—but if you don’t eat it much, freeze some and throw it in!

                This is how it looks after blending the greens first.


  • Bone broth protein powder: It is a nutritional powerhouse as far as reducing inflammation. Sometimes, it is the number one recommended addition to a diet for all the health benefits it provides. It is high in collagen, which means it’s good for hair, skin nails. Also, it contains fantastic joint health nutrients to support your knees, shoulders, etc.


  • Vanilla Greek yogurt: We purchase the Oikos triple zero as it appears to be one of the better brands. Greek yogurt will have a higher protein ratio than traditional yogurts.


  • Unsweetened Almond milk and water: We use these for the liquid portion of it-it’s a whole lot less sugar than any sort of fruit juice. And as much as we can avoid unnecessary sugars, the better. We are finding out more and more how much sugar is a big culprit in many disease processes.


  • Greens powder: a good greens powder is supposed to contain cracked-cell chlorella (the regular chlorella isn’t as bioavailable), spirulina, and wheat grass. Look for those. We tend to purchase ours from some of the supplement companies that are super highly regulated so we can trust that what they say is in there, is actually in there.


  • Mixed Frozen Fruit: This is one of the main things that can switch up the flavor! And the frozen fruit is what we use instead of ice to maximize flavor! Use whatever you like best. Berries are generally our go-to since they are lower in sugar content.


  • Banana: A banana adds a little bit of natural sweetness to the smoothie as well as giving it a good consistency. If we are being super strict on sugar content, we omit the banana. This can be frozen as well, but I find we don’t really need to do that. If the bananas begin to be over-ripe I love to use them in my whole-wheat banana bread!


  • Avocado: We don’t use an avocado every time, but we do quite a bit of the time as it is a healthy fat we don’t get a lot of and I absolutely love how creamy it makes the smoothies!


  • Nut Butters: This is another one that we don’t use each time, but it changes up the flavor of the smoothie as well as giving it a nice consistency. If you use this with the chocolate bone broth protein, it’s one of my favorites! I use the peanut butter or almond butter or whichever nit butter chosen sparingly most of the time as they do have a very unique flavor that I get tired of after awhile.


  • Essential oils: Cinnamon Bark oil is my absolute favorite to add into a smoothie! Honestly, if we ever make a smoothie that doesn’t taste so good for whatever reason, one drop of cinnamon and I am one happy camper. Not to mention the potential health benefits as well. I also enjoy the flavors of tangerine, the slim n sassy blend, or other citrus oils.
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