Duane Pic

Dr. Maass is thorough and professional in his approach.  I appreciate that he was able to combine his prior experience as an Athletic Trainer alongside his knowledge as a Chiropractor to evaluate my issues as a runner.  He used multiple approaches and uniquely tailored treatments to address my foot issues.  Thanks to Dr. Maass, I am able to run again without any lingering foot pain! I would highly recommend future patients to see Dr. Maass for their care.  His background is extensive and his skills are top-notch!

-Duane B.

Kathy Pic

I saw excellent results at about 1 month in to being treated.  I was dealing with bad stiffness in my neck and headaches that really affected the quality of my life. I now feel the best I have in years!

-Kathy S.

I came to Dr. Maass dealing with severe pain in both of my feet. He began treating me and in ONE VISIT the pain was reduced significantly, so much so that I was amazed. I was regretful that I didn't come see him before having the surgery on my left foot, as it may have eliminated the need for surgery altogether. After some time, Dr. Maass had helped me become PAIN FREE in my feet which allowed me to exercise again and was able to lose weight and function normally again.  The whole time that he was treating my feet, he also treated my shoulder for some tightness and weakness, and my neck and low back for some minor soreness; all with very good results.  The thing that is great about Dr. Maass is his knowledge not just about the back, but also all the bones, tendons, and ligaments of the body.  He is compassionate and will take the time to listen to your concerns.  If you don't understand something, he will explain it simply so that you can. He truly cares about your physical wellness as he realizes this affects all areas of your life.

-Amy P.


I was having pain in my ankles and knees and it was not allowing me to run or workout the way I wanted to.  My results were amazing; I could walk without limping, and my knees stopped throbbing allowing me to run and workout again. I liked how easy he made it to understand everything and how he showed me how to help myself.  This will change your life.

-Peter P.


Cole Pic

Dr. Maass was a great doctor to work with.  He shows care and passion when working with patients and does his best to make sure you are comfortable.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor who will take the time to listen.

-Cole S.


I was dealing with sharp shooting pain in my lower back down into my left leg and into my toes that would make it very difficult to sit for very long.  I now have zero symptoms of any kind. All of my concerns were addressed.  Dr. Maass is the best chiropractor I've ever seen and the only chiropractor to help me see results.  I am now living pain free!

-Cassandra R.


I haven't had a headache in 2.5 years since Dr. Maass started adjusting me. I felt instant relief of head and neck pressure immediately after getting adjusted.

-Parker D.

I was a hard sell to chiropractic, so it took me a while to understand how much it could do for me.  Dr. Maass is very knowledgeable about the human body and really seems to care about helping me. He was very thorough in finding out exactly where my pain was located and he explained to me exactly how he could help me.  When he adjusted me I felt almost immediate relief and it got even better the next couple of days. I keep going back and getting adjusted now because I've finally experienced a better quality of life! Thank you Dr. Maass!

-Greg M.

Abby pic

Dr. Maass genuinely cares about the overall health and wellbeing of his patients.  His compassion is unmatched and I am lucky to know him as a friend and colleague. He is by far one of the most intelligent, humble, and compassionate chiropractors you will find. He will put 110% into your care and treatment to make sure that you are able to live your life to the fullest!

-Abby S.